Saturday, February 4, 2012

A few comments on my recent publications

Some of my publications have been getting a bit of international press recently.

Here are a few:

First from the editor of The Dorchester Review, a new Canadian publication that picked up and ran one of my prior publications in Quadrant...

Dear Mr. Davies,

You might be interested in your new-found notoriety among Canadian readers:

and for background:

Very best wishes,

Chris Champion
Contributing Editor - Dorchester Review

(The David Frum who is commenting is a Canadian/American commentator who worked as an aide/speechwriter for Geroge W Bush. His recommendatioin could be considred a double edged sword... In fact he wrote the Axis of Evil speech. Though he personally claimed to preferred to call it the 'Axis of Hatred'... Hmm.)

I followed the original book review with a 6,000 word article, also in Quadrant, on the warped historiography of the Singapore Debacle. I couldn't get it published in any academic magazine 20 years ago, but in the last year I have managed 7 publications in Austrlaia and overseas on the topic... An idea whose time has (belatedly ) come?

Meanwhile, in a complete reversal of normality, an Australian reviewer has picked up one of my overseas publications to comment on...

ATO magazine commissioned 15,000 words on Opertion Barbarossa (not one of my specialty areas), on the basis of articles they read on this blog. they said thy wanted a fresh interpretation, and were inspired by my Oversimplification: the numbers fallacy post.

(This Barbarossa article was copyrighted to the small distribution and subscription only ATO magazine for 12 months, which is now expired... anyone know a new publisher who might be interested? Apparently some people like it!)

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