Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anzac Hypocrisy

Once again we have gone through the ritual of the Anzac Day decriers moaning about Australians ‘wasting’ their lives for evil foreigners. As if sacrifice for King and Country was only about seeking glory for the British Empire, or sacrifice for the United Nations was only about being an American lackey.

It has always astonished me that these people are so blatantly of the “pull up the ladder, I’m all right” crowd. Australian lives were sacrificed to make the world safe for democracies - like for instance, Australia - not because the British Empire thought it would be fun to see how many people could die per square kilometer in 1918 France. Australian lives were sacrificed preventing Nazi’s from destroying European civilization and massacring tens of millions of innocent ‘subhumans’, not because Churchill thought it would be fun to have a re-match. The only justification for claiming that Australia should not have been fighting these wars is to argue that there is no duty of care for the less fortunate, and no responsibility to help the needy. In fact such a statement comes down to “F*** you, I’m OK”.

Let’s ignore the fact that World War Two was the one where Australia was directly threatened. (Note – the only reason Japan lacked the ability to genuinely plan to invade Australia was because she was too busy fighting the British and Americans as well to spare the resources for such an invasion - people’s who, by that reasoning, should have told us where to go…) Let’s just stick to the moral imperatives of what Australians actually died for.

The concept of a just war is simply that NOT to fight it is to betray all that is right and good and just. There is a moral obligation to fight for ‘truth, justice and the blah-blah way’, and not to do so betrays the basic foundations of civilized behaviour.

In practical terms of course, those who argue against the Anzacs as a noble expression of self-sacrifice to a higher cause, have already abandoned civilization. They are intent on tearing down everything that traditional Judeo-Christian civilization would consider to be noble and just. They sneer at duty and honour while worshipping such intangible fantasies as ‘multiculturalism’. Whereupon they throw out minor inconveniences like women’s rights, and celebrate ‘cultural diversity’ by allowing Sharia law to enslave women, and ‘Aboriginal custom’ to allow the rape of minor’s. This hypocrisy they justify with meaningless post-modern drivel about cultural relativism. What they actually mean is that they are so intent on destroying the culture that has allowed them such a smug self-satisfied lifestyle, that they will betray all principles of human decency to bring it down.

The position would be more consistent if these people were genuinely pacifists, and opposed all violence, but of course most aren’t. Many of them speak admiringly of terrorists, and have gone so far as to encourage terrorist behaviour on Australian soil. (The authors of a recent anti Anzac book are deeply tied to the unsavoury lot who not only hounded Professor Geoffrey Blainey from his university for not being ‘politically correct’, but encouraged student union violence to the point of bombs being planted… on the wrong person’s lawn.) In fact these people are almost universally in favour of violence, as long as it is against their own culture – which they decry as being too violent!

If you don’t like the culture that has nurtured your postulent maunderings, please leave. Go and live, and die, in one of the horrid cultures that you fail to understand, and fantasise about. The vast majority of people would enjoy a life with a little less hypocritical self-flagellation.

Meanwhile it is encouraging to see the numbers of young people who are willing to join old people in celebrating the concept of willingness to lay down your life for the cause of decency. Who would have thought that generation Y would have such a strong reaction against the crap their baby boomer parents and teachers have been shoveling down their throats, that they might have genuine values hidden in there somewhere?

Kinda makes you feel glad for the essential rebelliousness of the human condition.

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